During every-day trainin.

Rowing school

We’ve just closed recruting to Lac De Vassivière Rowing Club for the summer season. Thank you very much everyone who decided to join our teams. In the next few days each of you will get comfirmation mail. Unfortunately not everyone has broken into the team he was applying for. But to those who failed the exams, don’t worry, the next year we’re recruiting again.

To those who went hrough the exams well we have a few important inormations. Lac De Vassivière Rowing Club conducts an initial stage of rowing training that is to make you acquainted with the basics of this sport discipline. In our club, the beginners row on Optimist class kayaks. There is also Omega class kayak at he club’s members disposal. Trainings are conducted regularly.

Every Monday, Tueasday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday there are mandaory trainings. It’s important to participate in right workouts since regular work with members of a specific team strengthen the bond between the team members.

Summer season: Jun-July, August-September. In the summer time the trainings are in Monday, Tueasday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.


The trainings are organized in the Lac De Vassivière Rowing Club’s main base by the Lac De Vassivière Lake.


Every training lasts from 1:00PM o 6:00PM. We train about 3 hours in a few separate groups lead by different instructors.

All the trainings are mandatory and we acquire your 100% presecne. Your membership means you represent now our club. It’s not only a free time filler but also a big merit however, first and foremost it’s a huge responsibility. And all the members should realize it.

During every-day trainin.
During every-day trainin.