Krakow airport – the way to the top of our team!

As you know, our club has been working for years and encourages everyone to develop their passion which is rowing, so we try to take care of the players training with us both in terms of coaching and entertainment. Adequate staff, harmonious team but also openness to other teams give us strength and experience to broaden our horizons. Sailing is health and a way of life – it accompanies every activity realized in our Club.

Thanks to excellent communication provided by Balice Airport in Krakow and efficiently organized transfers by a private company:, this is the second time we have visited this beautiful city! The International Airport is a really great place, which gives you the opportunity to quickly get from different parts of the world. The city has super developed infrastructure and public and private transport from the airport to the center. You can read more about it here: As for our team, loaded with equipment it was really great solution!

A visit to the Horn club in Krakow

swimming in Krakow

We arrived in Krakow to take part in training conducted by coaches from one of the best clubs in Poland. Sailing Club Horn Krakow was created by a wonderful couple Ziutka and Andrzej Ogrodnik. Both can boast of great success. Ziutka is, among others, the 1976 Women’s Polish Championship medalist in the Finn class, while Andrzej is the winner of numerous competitions in the cadet, 420, 470, Finn, and European Masters classes. With time, sailing became the driving force of their whole life.

Sailing Club Horn Krakow is the leading club in Małopolska and one of the best and most versatile clubs in the country. Their athletes are ranked at the top of club competitions and championship events in Poland and abroad. So who should we learn from if not the best?

Training of the highest class

As soon as we arrived at the place we felt that there is full professionalism. We were welcomed with open arms and a smile. After signing a few documents, each of our players was equipped with all the necessary equipment and instructed on how to handle unfamiliar instruments. The quality of work and infrastructure possessed by the club has been repeatedly appreciated by local authorities and sailing associations, both Polish and international, as they have been entrusted with organizing provincial, Polish and European championships.

The club’s mission is to sustain passion in young people, but also in children and adults. At the same time shaping in them responsible behavior, independence, strength of character and respect for the environment. The offer of the club concerning training is really wide. Sailing Club activities last all year long. They offer their participants permanent classes, sailing trainings, half-schools, winter camps and sailing camps in Poland and abroad. We opted for the more advanced version to gradually improve our skills and in the end everyone was happy!


Free training with AZS AWF Krakow

Growing interest in this beautiful sport motivates professionals to create new proposals and interesting development opportunities for those interested. Rowing section of AZS in Krakow organized free training for everyone, who wanted to see what this sport is all about, but also to improve their already well developed skills. People in Krakow are amazing! Not only did we have the opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge, but they also recommended us a great tour of the greatest sights of Krakow!

Not only paddles in our heads!

Thanks to a coach from the club, we booked an organized tour for the whole group at: With a guide who spoke fluent English, we had the opportunity to see Wawel Castle, the Dragon’s Den, the Main Square and the Cloth Hall, and ended with a nice sunset cruise on the Vistula River.

Sampling local dishes, crunchy bagel, aromatic coffees from specialty cafes and sweet yeast from artisan bakeries, everyone knew they would return here more than once. Especially since we have such an easy flight connection. All you have to do is keep checking the websites with cheap flights and whenever you get a chance, click! And city break in Krakow is ready! We recommend it to everyone!

Facilities for tourists

Krakow is the first city in Poland to provide an application for keeping records of accommodation in facilities such as hostels, apartments and guest rooms. The “Krakow Accommodation Facilities” mobile tool is available in two language versions, Polish and English. Every tourist can now check whether the facility where they are going to stay is listed in the city’s register, i.e. whether it operates in accordance with the law on hotel services and the services of tour guides.

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